Friday, December 15, 2006

Winter Storm 2006

Well, the storm warning is over. But, the effects are not. I am sitting in the Bothell office, waiting for my day to end. Bored. With the entire sprawling metropolis that is Redmond out of service (no power), I can only wait for the call to go down and start turning on servers. In the mean time, I sit in Bothell, waiting to see if someone might actually have a problem that I can go solve. And, they don't. So, I sit. Waiting. Sleeping (I wish!)

There are branches down all over the ranch. Had to go out this morning, and start pulling them from the driveway, so I could get out when needed.

Went home to get the charger cord for the phone. Took me a little over an hour to travel the 3.5 miles. That really wasn't fun. The roads were much nicer when there was snow on them. At least then, most people just stayed home. Now, with no stop lights, and everyone trying to not be at home, traffic is just the pits.

Talked to Dale. Took him 15 minutes to get out of his driveway this morning. Lots of chunks of trees, but nothing serious. He is talking about getting a genset permanently installed to handle the load in his house. I can only wish....