Thursday, January 11, 2007

White Things

There is a new white thing in my house. And some white stuff outside, too!

We got another snow Wednesday afternoon. Looks beautiful, but people in the greater Seattle area still do not know how to drive!!! In the business complex that I work, people were not able to get out of the parking lot, because the main street wasn't moving. And, when it did move, the inconsiderate fools wouldn't leave the intersection full, which meant that no one could get out anyway! I had to wait an extra hour just to get out of my parking lot, but, once out, it only took about 10 minutes extra to get home. Largely because I won't follow the crowd, and took the biggest hills home. No one else wanted to, so I had a clear route.

But, I have to tell you - other than the traffic, the snow was beautiful!!! The white covered all the hills, trees, and fields, and it truly was a wonderfully beautiful day. I love the snow!

The white thing we have at home, is a cousin for Cody. Crackers is working his way into our family. Crackers is another American Eskimo, which we got from my mother-in-law. They were no longer able to keep Crackers in thier apartment complex, and didn't know what to do with him, since he has a history of some, umm, behavioral issues. At first, we weren't sure that we would be able to handle Crackers and Cody, but Crackers is gradually falling into place.

There have been some significant struggles for domination, but we believe that they are being worked out. We are trying to work out some food aggression now as well. Crackers has been very possesive of the food and water, so we are feeding them seperatly right now, and working on gradually integrating them back together. Unfortunatly, I would have prefered to have them meet seperatly, and bring them together gradually. That was just not a possibility in this situation. So, we are doing the best we can. Fortunatley, this week Yvette has been able to stay home with them most of the time, and has been able to work with them much more than we normally would have been able to do in a week.